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September 2017 ยท 2 minute read


I have been developing and designing websites for more than a few years now, to give you an idea, my very first website was built with tables on Microsoft Frontpage and Internet Explorer 5.5. Back then, trying to explain your friends and relatives what you were doing in your bedroom was pretty funny. I still remember their reactions, nodding at me with their eyes slightly closed.

My dad best attempt

It wasn’t rocket science anyway, I was trying my best explaining to them how things work, pretty easy stuff at the time. There is a server somewhere in the world answering people’s browsers requests with the code I wrote in my bedroom, which will eventually display something on their display.

Repetita iuvant

I moved away from home pretty soon to find a job in IT, and I am going back and forth often to visit my family and friends.

Every time I am back home there is always someone asking me what I do, and I keep explaining them in the most simple way I can. I can say I always enjoy it. One after another, I realized something: while I am still building a website like I did in my bedroom back then, the amount of effort and time needed to simplify the answer keep growing over time. Why?

Rocket science

Web development solutions and patterns keep evolving, the complexity of the web keeps increasing, user’s expectations are always going up and I hope it will always be this way. It’s why I like it, it keeps me motivated, I want to learn more and more every day.

But for someone starting out today is not going to be as easy as it was for me years ago. If this is the case for you reading this, do not surrender to the amount of knowledge you will have to fit in your head. It will be hard, there will be moments of frustration but at some point, you will realize the power of it.

If you are interested in technology and web development you will only need the right motivation to start. Keep moving forward and you will be able to create something with very little effort and investment that will be easily accessible from anyone in the world! And eventually, it will also get you a job.

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